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Love listening to you guys lol

Stand up horror!

Love listening to comedians commentary watching horror flicks! Makes me laugh every time I tune in. Definitely entertained!

These 2 Dipsticks!

I will tell you this , if your having a bad day....these 2 guys are your best medician ...they work great as a pair! and care extreamly about their fans!...100 percent!! hands down the first thing i go to when i get home for entertainment..

Sexual tension

I love you guys you are the best and bring me sexual tension every night

Awesome, fun content!

Became a huge fan of these guys watching their videos on YouTube, and now having them on Podcast is so convenient!! If you love movies, especially horror movies, you’ll enjoy the content, and it’s very entertaining! They’re fun, down to earth people that make you feel like you’re hanging with friends!


Mike and J are the best! Also, love the addition of Tommy and Levi from Heels and Quads. Tommy and Mike are going to great with WWAM SPORTS!

Get some WWAM up in ya!

Mike and J are the KINGS!


I just listen to the 1st episode of WWAM sports and Loved it. Also I have been a HUGE heels and Quads fan for last 2 years. I am looking forward to listening and becoming a new fan of WWAM.

Love your show!

I listen to the podcast and really enjoy it! I’m a big Halloween fan and horror movie fan. I find all of the info you guys share, new and old, fun and interesting. Love all the bits of movie facts and details. Love J’s Loomis impersonation! You guys are great! Very entertaining!! -Linda

Solid Show about all things horror.

The recent “reformat” of this show has been amazing! With rare script reviews, discussions and unboxings these guys cover it all. Very funny and insightful. My go to for horror. Keep it up guys and keep the podcast format coming. I need some WWAM up in me.


This duo brings such great comedic chemistry and passionate fervor to topics that horror fans know and love. If it wasn’t for them is fans’ day would be a little less bright.

WWAM podcast

Great podcast, highly recommend listening!!

They are good for what ails you!

If you are looking for mature, sophisticated humor....look elsewhere! 🤣Mike & J keep it real with their talk of horror, action movies, name it. It’s like listening to your brothers who haven’t quite grown up yet. They are the best!!

You're There Best Around

Hey guys, just want to say how awesome you are and love all that you do. Glad I can enjoy your Podcast as well!! Thanks for being the best guys and the coolest friends ever!!!

You guys are awesome

I been a subscriber of you guys for a while now you guys are hilarious keep up the good work u guys had me put on bloodsport after listening to your last episode and man the memories it brought back such a great movie thx again guys

Love seeing you guys grow!

Lovin it guys!! Thank you for all That you do, keep up the great work fellas

WWAM everywhere

Lovin the podcast guys!

Love these

You guys are honest about horror topics and hopefully you can grow more


Like talking with your best buds


Mike and Jay are the 🐐s. Simply the best

get this podcast now amazing show

love this podcast and go to youtube and subscribe there also and rate this podcast with a review lets get these guys and horror to the top come and get some wwam up in ya !

These two Gentlemen

These two Gentlemen put out a podcast that is well thought out and discussed. If you close your eyes it’s like you are sitting at a poker table with them and the podcast is the conversation y’all are having while enjoying a drink. I like that! It’s not gonna put you to sleep(No BoreLectures Here), it’s gonna keep the conversation going, and they will leave you with some thoughts and questions to keep in mind.

The 2 best friends that anyone could have!

Mike and J are the best dudes you could hope to find wandering through the podcast realm. Like listening to your best buddies sitting around chatting and talking about bs with an intelligent point of view but not taking it too seriously. It shows they grew up together from the perfect comedic timing they have and the way they genuinely crack each other up all the time. This podcast will make you smile no matter what is going on in your day! And for sure check out the WWAM YouTube channel. You won’t be sorry!

Sexy Halloween nerds

Y’all are rad


Mike and J are like, hanging in your basement with your best friends.

Coolest dudes on YouTube and now iTunes!

These guys are the best! They’re a couple of really awesome friends who love to show their love for horror movies with everyone that’ll listen. They treat every listener like family. Get some WWAM up in you!

What are you gonna do on Oct 31st?

Saw these guys on YouTube and found them hilarious. If u love that white faced F$?!er give these guys a shot

F*ck Sticks!!!!

Been following these guys for over 2 and a half years now and I have never been let down once! Mike and J are just pure entertainers!

So Much Entertainment!

Been watching Mike and Jay forever on YouTube now I get to listen to them as well! These guys are so entertaining not only to watch but listen too for their love of all things movies and horror.

A Most Excellent Duo

What can I say? Mike and J are two guys who love Horror and Action movies and they are dam hilarious. Love them on YouTube and excited they started their podcast back up!