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28 Days of Rage

Just finished listening to your podcast and liked some of the points you made about 28 Days Later. I hadn’t thought about the military men and how they were already hard up for women after only 28 Days *insert eyeroll*, but thanks for the laughs and looking forward to your other episodes. Great show with good banter. 👍🏽

Always a Fun Listen!

Courtney and Stefanie are that rare pair who manage to be snarky without being mean! They give a refreshingly down-to-earth perspective on some of your favorite horror films that will definitely have you looking at them in a whole new way.

They’re also SO FUN!

Stefanie and Courtney, even though the nature of the podcast is the scary things that they watch, their bubbly disposition lets the listener have the best of both worlds! Their recaps are detailed, with sprinkles of giggles in between. A must listen for the scary lover who loves to have a good time!

Great show!

Stefanie and Courtney are hilarious and will have you laughing throughout. Even if you don’t like horror movies, you will love this show. Drink up (responsibly, or not - your choice) and enjoy.


These ladies are hilarious and I really enjoy their episodes. I love hearing their views on horror movies. They crack me up!!

I hate horror movies but I love this podcast!!!

I have never been a fan of horror because I’m a scaredy-cat but I really love this podcast! I get to listen about scary movies without having to watch them which is great! I would highly recommend if you also don’t like scary movies but you wanna still know about them and even take the fear out of them! I might be brave enough to watch one now!!

So freaking hilarious, HOOKED!

These gals are the best. Like listening to your two best friends talk movies at the bar. Knowledgeable with fun facts, they clearly are very close and their chemistry shines through every second. Spooky movies in a light hearted pod, perfect!

So Entertaining!

These ladies had me giggling, interested and entertained throughout the episodes! I thoroughly enjoyed their banter & detailed reviews! Highly recommending to everyone who enjoys horror movies.

For Horror Lovers and Horror Haters

I’m firmly in Stephanie’s camp when it comes to horror movies, but having been forced to watch many by my friends and family, I love hearing the recaps by these two friends! They are too funny and you can tell they’re just having the best time together. Whether you enjoy Horror movies or absolutely detest them, you’ll love this podcast. -Karyn, Chick-Lit Podcast

Love it!

I feel like I could be friends with these two. I love scary movies but I’m a big ol’ wimp! They make me laugh while reminding me of my favorite old scary movies!!

Such a fun show!

These two are great! Their show is funny, interesting and all about the great horror movies! I would gladly listen to them any day! Truly a fun show! - Game For A Movie

Fun listen!

These two ladies have a lot of energy and seem to enjoy discussing the many horror films!

Whole lot of fun!

I have laughed so hard that I had to spit out my coffee lest I choke on it. This podcast is so fun to listen to, and it covers such good movies!


These two are so much fun to listen to!

Such a fun show

This podcast is a blast! You can really tell they have fun doing it and that makes for some very good episodes. Give them a listen and you will not be disappointed!

There's an old song...

It's called 'Those 2 Dreadful Children' basically it's about two kids who always go to far. They played it on Doctor Demento...anyway I have digressed. My point is, those two fabled girls in that song could have grown up to be our contentious AND fun hosts on this amazing program. And it is amazing. Two girls, One likes horror movies. One has a more errr complicated relationship with them. Add 1 horror movie, and wine and hilarity ensues. Both these ladies are a pure delite and I could listen to their show for a very long time. I'm gonna need more episode. Listen, you will thank me after.

A must for horror fans!

This is such a fun concept and is a must-listen for horror fans! -Meagan from Spooky Science Sisters

Tipsy and terrified

Just listened to PodTipsy and they make it seem like we’ve been friends forever. Casual and comfortable conversation . Plus they makes scary movies hilarious. Go and check them out, highly recommend it!

Love it!

Wine and horror movies?! Sold! Fun and engaging, easy to listen to and I feel like I’m hanging out with my friends. Well done!

So much fun!!

The hosts from the get-go the hosts hook you with charming and hilarious banter. The premise is fantastic, the insights are great, and I just can’t get enough. Keep it coming ladies!! ❤️✊🏻 Love & Rage, Ariel

A Real Blast

Oh man, right from the start Courtney and Stefanie had me giggling along as they joked about their wine choice and dove into a breakdown of the week's movie. Their fast paced dialogue and quick wit had me thinking of Gilmore Girls, and gave me the feeling of a girl's night in with movies and wine, but for the socially distanced era. I hadn't seen the movie they described and I didn't care, frankly I think I prefer their description of it anyway! I'll definitely be listening again and again!

Super Fun Show

Even though I haven't seen any of these movies, I was entertained the whole entire time. I love banter between the 2 hosts. Just listening to them kept me engaged! Great show!!

A fun dynamo duo

Excellent chemistry with fun conversation makes this a delightful podcast to add to your repertoire of horror podcasts.

Great podcast

If you are looking for a fun and entertaining podcast, this is it. Iced Grapes to keep wine cold? That is brilliant. They are very knowledgeable about their topics and they keep it the conversation flowing. Check them out today.

Fun ladies!!

These ladies make listening to podcasts fun! Love their energy and quirky convos! I seriously could not even make it through one scary movie so I appreciate their honest reviews. Lol

Real, authentic, original

Nobody covers movies quite like @PodTipsy covers movies! Follow them on #twitter and #instagram to get the full tipsy experience! 5 ⭐️ no doubt! Amazing show! Keep it up!

Up and coming podcast

Love the dynamic of the two opinions...entertaining and fun to listen to!

Grab your favorite wine and couch blanket ready

Get tipsy and cosy with Courtney and Stefanie while they review scary/horror movies. Even though is a horror movies reviews they have a lot of fun doing it at the same time they had me rolling on some parts. I don’t know if is the wine or the good chemistry they have but either way is a great podcast keep up the good work. -BIG BRUH-

Tipsy. Terrified. Terrific.

Great podcast for all those who love horror movies. I love the banter between Courtney and Stefanie, you can feel the energy they exude that it's almost infectious. It's so apparent that they're excited to talk about what they've seen. My first episode of theirs was The Ring to which they've had very strong reactions to. They laugh at the movie cliches and crazy logic and are not afraid to laugh at it. One of the things that caught me off-guard was inserting audio from the movie clips in the podcast. It was just a hint of extra professionalism that I did not expect for a smaller podcast, but it enhances the experience. Definitely check this podcast out!

Couch Blanket Clam Hands

Started off with their In The Tall Grass episode and it made my work day so much more exciting! Courtney and Stefanie have amazing energy and I am hanging onto ever word they say. I also don't want to find myself in a field ever! Look forward to checking out more. Subscribe and listen now!

Great pod!

Two women, great chemistry and wine 😍 Three of my favorite things. Love the pod definitely recommend!

Great from the start!

Most podcasts start off a little rocky, but not this one! Right off the bat the hosts are engaging and have great chemistry, plus they love white wine so that won me over instantly. This show is great, especially for people like myself that don't really watch the horror movies. This show made me want to go watch The Ring which I’ve never had an interest in before. Looking forward to more episodes!

They may be terrified and tipsy, but I am thrilled!

This is now one of my favorite podcasts. Just 3 episodes and they've already hooked me. The discussion of the ridiculousness of "The Ring" had me rethinking why I enjoyed that movie so much when it first came out. The way they didn't take the movie "1922" seriously had me in splinters (don't mess with the rat mafia), and the discussion about "In the Tall Grass" had me in a giggle fit. (All hail the giant seed/rock/thing). All in all, these two Women are a joy to listen in on and I enjoy their lighthearted commentary on these definitely not light hearted movies. Also, make sure to grab a bottle of Pinot Gris or something while you listen. This podcast will make you crave wine. - Josh Fisher

Love the Dynamic!!! Perfectly Balanced Pod

I really enjoy the dynamic connection and conversations between the hosts, they know their stuff also when you add Wine in the mix it gets really interesting. Definitely a good listen.

Funny and quick paced

I was smiling and laughing within seconds of starting the episode. Great chemistry between the hosts which lends itself to some great back and forth moments. As a fan of the horror genre it’s nice to hear like minded opinions on certain films. I found myself agreeing with both hosts as they weren’t afraid to call out the faults in their selected films. Will definitely be back for new episodes.

A GREAT spin on discussing horror movies

I wasn’t sure if this genre was for me...until I heard this podcast. The hosts are fun and informed, keep you hooked on the topic and make it all entertaining and enjoyable. This is a crazy good podcast. Subscribe!!!


Awesome podcast! Hosts have great chemistry. They definitely have a different take on the horror movie genre. Their episode on The Ring gave me all the nostalgic feels without having to torture myself with rewatching the movie! Also live their intro music!

Couch Blankets for Horror

Steph and Courtney are so fun to listen to, their humor is refreshing when it comes to providing a comedic view for reviewing horror movies. They call out the idiocies you see in horror movies when it comes to going off alone, going upstairs; and separating the group. Couch blankets and wine are a must!!! Can’t wait to hear what’s next... -Bring the Mio Podcast

Fun listen!

They are off to a great start! The episodes breezed on by and were fun, engaging and really well done. Looking forward to more! 🍻

Super fun

This podcast is so much fun. The hosts are very funny, great energy, and great chemistry. Whether you’re a horror fan, casual viewer, or too scared to watch yourself this show is for you. Definitely give them a listen. 👍👍

We demand more episodes

This podcast is off to a great start! Funny and easy to listen to, and gives a different perspective for horror movie fans. Looking forward to hearing more! -PodAskew

Darkly Funny

This fun new podcast is definitely being added into my regular rotation. They hosts are funny and have wonderful chemistry with each other. I found myself laughing so hard my sides ached as I listened to the episode on The Ring. If you like scary movies and dark jokes, you should definitely check out this podcast!

An absolute blast!

A really entertaining podcast with a fun take on horror. And the intro music is catchy!

Great idea!

What a concept! Love the host's chemistry and how excited they are about the movies. Can't help having a great time!


Imagine a political debate show with 2 people from either side. Now make them funny friends and change the topic to horror movies. What you get is a subscriber.

Great Listen!

Great show with really good banter. Love the hosts already. Keep up the great work! This show is gonna be one to keep up with! Love the content and the flow of the episodes so far.

Tip of the Hat

Any show that covers The Ring from 2002 automatically gets bonus points from me. Beyond that, this is a horror film podcast fueled by fun conversation between friends, different perspectives, and a bit of alcohol. It’s laid back with a nice balance of film passion (and reluctance). Give them a listen and subscribe now!


a fun and entertaining pod whether you like horror films or not, production quality is great too! Looking forward to what more they'll have to offer :)

This Podcast Made Me Like Horror

So, I'm a bit of a chicken when it comes to horror movies, but listening to these two ladies offering up comedic commentary on a variety of movies is making me consider if I shouldn't grab myself a glass, throw a few back and give 'em another try. A fun listen if you're looking for something lighter, even if the subject matter is typically dark.


Such a fun podcast! The hosts are easy to listen to and are funny! Love the premise of the show! Great job!!


I feel like I’m hanging out on the couch with my best friends, laughing and talking about horror movies. I definitely needed this podcast. I am hooked already!!

Well done!

I wasn't sure what to expect when I got into this, but ended up really enjoying it! They do a great job of discussing horror movies, some of which I've seen, some I haven't. I liked hearing their thoughts on the ones I haven't seen, because it'll help me decide whether to watch. Their breakdowns are thorough, though they don't give a play by play, which I appreciate, and their reviews are definitely personal and relatable. Well done!


So fun! Very interesting to hear the opinions and perspectives from someone who doesn't love horror movies in contrast with someone who does. Great work!