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Fantastic podcast. True insiders.

It’s borderline criminal that this podcast is not better known. Christopher Nelson is a legendary FX guru// Oscar winner. Sean Clark puts out the best film location compilations anywhere. Not to mention he has one of the great pop-culture collections you’ll ever see. Come for the enlightening bant…

The ultimate horror show!

No horror fan should go without listening to this show! Two icons in the genre that not only know what they’re talking about, but also know people who also know what they’re talking about! Great discussions, interviews, and more!

Best Podcast out there

I need more of this! Sean and Christopher are awesome! Too many people out there are either too nice (fake) or too grumpy. These guys are REAL dudes that give it to you straight and still are very very likeable guys. I love their insight on all things movie related. This is right up my alley. Pleas…

Been waiting for Sean to make an official iTunes podcast

Nothing better then hearing Sean and Chris have a chat about anything Horror! If your a fan of the genre this is a must have!

Great podcast

I’ve been following Sean in a non-creepy kind of way (😜) for awhile now. First started watching him on Hallowed Grounds on the extras of my Blu-ray movies, then I learned more about him on his You Tube channel and now, the cast. For true horror fans, this cast is perfect if you really want a behi…