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Awesome show!!

This is a must listen! Great insight, the chemistry is perfect and just an all around fun listen.

Love it

You all crack me up and it sounds great! Highly recommend for fans of horror.


You two have worked so hard and it’s awesome to see how far you all have come. Keep up the good work!

Love the show

I started listening because Todd from Horror Virgin guest starred, and I quickly became a fan. I binged most of the back catalogue over the next few weeks, and this became one of my top listens. -MiggyMack


Their personalities blend so well! Love the show and can’t wait for more to come.


One of my favorite horror podcasts! Kirby & Jesse are so fun and hilarious. Their banter is great & I enjoy it so much!

Love this

Enjoy listening to you guys keep up the good work


You guys are great to listen to and I loved your interview!


Love the show and you all crack me up!


You all do great content and I love your show!


Funny, entertaining & top notch horror discussions. Keep up the great work!

Not bad

Ayyyy. Pretty good.