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Thank you for making HHNatHOME so special

Thank you for being part of HHN at HOME. Your stories hit home with me, particularly the friends and memories each year creates again and again. Keep up the great work on the podcast and can't wait to see everyone at HHN30.


Such a great podcast! Fun to listen to. Really impressed with the amount of detail they have to present. Particularly hhn related. You have a new fan here. I look forward to all future episodes!

Amazing podcast

This is an absolutely amazing podcast! The hosts, Jess and Cece, do a phenomenal job at covering a range of topics. Ranging from horror movies to haunt events. If you like any of these, then I recommend that you give them a watch!


Absolutely love these women talking about horror and HHN! One of my favorite podcasts! They’re the best!!!

Can’t wait for more

Awesome people creating a podcast just as awesome. They really show the effort they put into their content and they’re amazing creators! Definitely worth the sub. Happy to see some cool HHN creators out there in the community!

Heck yes!!

A great show with some killer hosts! Always providing top notch content for the horror and HHN community! Keep knocking us dead!!


Thanks for loving the event!

Awesome HHN Podcast!

This podcast is always fun and entertaining, keep up the great work!

Would recommend!

Very fun and entertaining podcast! I started listening to it recently and I think that it’s become one of my favorites! One of the best HHN podcasts out there!

Love love love

Love these horror gals! Great pod and such fun back and forth!

Great HHN and Horror discussions!

Jess and CeCe have great chemistry together and keep the discussion going with natural flow. Love listening to these two girls talk HHN and horror! Keep it up!

Best podcast ever

Totally not posting this because I love my wife cece :P. All jokes aside it is always fun to listen to the new episodes when they drop. I know both cece and jess work really hard on this podcast and I'm excited to see where they take it. Two ENTHUSIASTIC thumbs up!

If you enjoy horror... this podcast. These lovely ladies know their stuff, are fun and engaging, have wonderful guests, but most importantly they are an inclusive safe space. Keep it up you two!

God Save the Queens

You know something that just makes you go ✨WOMEN✨, this is it.


I love listening to these lovely ladies of horror! Keep up the great work gals! ❤️


One of the best podcasts you’ll ever have the pleasure of listening to. Jess & Cece kill it every episode and are so enjoyable to listen to. Whether it’s the great HHN episodes with the Jess teaching you new things you didn’t know about or the horror film review episodes where Cece & Jess just have…

Don't forget to scream queens!

This podcast has been 100% my go to for horror and hnn! The lovely ladies and there guests are some of the nicest people you will ever meet and every episode is intresting and worth listening to every wednesday! So go ahead and check out this podcast it's worth it!

Jess and Cece have it locked in!!

It's so awesome to find a women lead horror show with a focus on Halloween Horror Nights. Great conversations, insights, and information in each episode. Love every minute of it!

Another great HHN podcast.

I try to listen as many HHN podcasts as I can being a huge fan of the event. And this is one that I’ve returned to several times. Keep it up, ladies. Great work. 🔪🎃

My new favorite podcast

I cannot get enough of this podcast. Stumbled upon it last week and I am so happy I did. The hosts are charismatic and extremely knowledgeable about HHN content and history. Not only that, they have great senses of humor and I found myself completely immersed in their episodes! Can’t wait to hear m…


Cece and Jess are amazing! Their hilarity along with the fandom of the horror genre warms my heart. This is my fave horror podcast period. Cece you are my spirit animal. Love these women!

Absolute perfection

These ladies rock; I’m always looking forward to new episodes!

-chefs kiss- perfection

They are amazing, if you love HHN and Horror, give them the listen. They have an amazing guest list and line up and always come out with banger episodes. Cece and Jess are the best of the best.


This is a must-listen podcast to any HHN/horror fans out there.

Awesome show!!!!

Give this one a listen you won’t be disappointed!!!!

These Queens are Screamtastic!!!

I absolutely love listening to The Scream Queens!!! Cece and Jess never fail in delivering quality content and putting a smile on my face.


Love it Love it Love it!!

Making me scream for more!

I went from “oh boy another podcast where people talk about horror stuff” to “hahaha crap let me queue up the rest of these episodes” in the first five minutes. Bravo.

New fan girl! 🖤

I recently discovered these ladies in the last couple months and I’ve enjoyed their talks so much! It’s always a fun time and I highly recommend them ☺️🖤

Just Subscribe Already!

If you’re looking for one of the best Horror and HHN podcasts, your search can end here. With a diverse panel of guests and hosts, this podcast brings many views and histories into their reviews and discussions. Love listening every week!

A heck of a great show!

CeCe & Jess provide amazing content within the HHN/Horror community! Each week is just better than the last!!!! Definitely a five star listen!


We need more women in horror and Jess


Jess and CeCe (and all of the guests) are incredible! I love this show! Keep up the fantastic work!!!

More of this is needed

Women having fun talking horror and HHN is the best. Too many 20-40 white guys in this circle, loving the fresh blood.


This informative yet entertaining podcast is just a true delight!


This informative yet entertaining podcast is just a true delight!


I’m a die-hard HHN fan, and I’m so glad to see a women-run podcast that discusses the event.

Love this podcast!!

Love a horror review podcast that explains without being annoying. I’ll definitely be binging these and coming back for more!! Thanks girls!!!


These ladies do amazing work! Keep creating great content! -Tommy Heels and Quads Wrestling Podcast

Love it!

Great people and an enjoyment to listen to!