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My #1 Go-To

My #1 Horror content podcast go-to for sure. Bryan and Andy make you feel as if you’re sitting at the table with them having these discussions together. Their knowledge and love for the genre really shows in their content and I tip my hat to these guys for the time and effort they put into this awesome podcast!

Great show

I really enjoy this show. Their passion for horror shows and each episode is always an entertaining time. One of the few podcasts that actually stand out from each other.


You’re my favourite pizza place.


This is a great podcast!!! I’m pretty picky when it comes to discussions and chatter and these guys are sooooo entertaining and awesome with the breakdown of films!! So glad I found this podcast through The Scream Queens. Kelli in IL.

Must listen for horror fans

This is a must-listen for any horror fan. I listened to the episode on Paranormal Activity and now I need to rewatch the film (even though I’ve seen it 100x already). Subscribed and ready for more!

Do you like scary movies?

Best podcast out right now for all your horror movie reviews. Bryan and Andy kill it every episode and keep me entertained from start to finish. And I love how Andy is from Ohio and a Cleveland sports fan just like me. Go Browns!!

Hi Brian!

I am so blessed to know Brian and I am so excited about this podcast!!! Yay! Y’all rock!

Fantastic for horror fans!

This podcast is literally everything I could ever hope for as a listener. I absolutely adore horror films so much. I feel like I agree with a lot of what Andy & Bryan think about the movies. The layout of the podcast is amazing. I also love the podcast name, art & intro by Roger L. Jackson! 🖤

Great podcast!

I’ve listened to several episodes so far. I love the format. Bryan is a great storyteller and Andy is a fantastic observationalist. I wish this podcast would have existed in the 90’s so I could have used the time I spent watching Vampire in Brooklyn on something more productive, like watching paint dry, watching grass grow, etc... Not every movie can be good, and Bryan and Andy do a great job of letting me know what I can skip...


You guys click so well and crack me up! Keep up the awesome content. 👌

Everything A Horror Fan Could Ever Want

andy and bryan are great at doing what they do. They're funny, insightful and great at reviewing horror movies. If you like horror movies, you NEED to listen!

Check it out

Great podcast for Horror Cinephiles


So good! Keep it up guys!

Cricket effect is not necessary

^^^ VERY entertaining!

Another good one

Man you guys are so good. You are equal parts knowledgeable and funny as heck! I watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre for the first time after hearing your review of it. Bryan... you were right bro! That’s all I’m sayin’!! Keep up the fantastic reviews guys!

Great horror discussions

Really enjoying this podcast. Horror fans will love it

These guys are GOOD!!

I like this podcast because these guys don’t take themselves too seriously, but at the same time know what the hell they’re talking about when it comes to horror. The Halloween 2018 episode was over 90 min and I was entertained from start to finish! Keep up the great work, guys!

Outstanding Horror insight & podcast!!

A friend told me about this podcast & it’s fantastic! Bryan & Andy are hilarious and very knowledgeable when it comes to everything horror! Can’t wait for more episodes :)