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I love absolutely everything about this show. You will fall in love with Paiges voice! Stories are so well researched and told respectfully. MUST LISTEN!

Twitter friends

I talk to you on Twitter already but I wanted to leave a review. I think you and the podcast are just fantastic. I love all the new unheard of cases mixed in with some we know about. If you are reading reviews to decide whether or not to listen, just go ahead and listen. You will not be disappoint…


I love this show! I am in love either Paige’s voice and am hanging on every word! Her grace with each case and topic is amazing and I hate when episodes are over! Such a good show! -Tyler- 30&Nerdy Podcast

Southern Comfort

The way these stories are told make you forget how truly creepy they are - what a gift of magical storytelling!

So Well Done

I absolutely love this podcast and your approach to true crime reporting is exactly the way I liked it. My only criticism is in this latest episode you most likely accidentally aired the personal identification information of a witness in the case. Publicly stating someone’s full name address phone…

Prepare to Meditate!

Nobody told me Paige tells these horrendous true crime stories in the most soothing and relaxing voice. I was shook by the stories yet so calmed by the storyteller. Highly recommend!

Just found you

Dad gum it! I’m just discovering this shows and I love it. I love your accent. I’m born and bred in ga(blue ridge mtn’s) and I live in TN on the border of tn/ga/nc so I’m all country. I’ve noticed I’m partial to the southern sounding hosts. Sorry for rambling. Great podcast and great job! Some are …

Distracting Background Music

Enjoying the show, but what’s with the unnecessary, distracting background music??

Keep it up

Your heart shows through your episodes and hard work. Love your show and the collaboration with Ellyn ❤️🎉🌈🔥💋

I love your accent!

Great podcast! Great accent! - Reel Talk: A Movie Podcast

The best True Crime Podcast Ever

I love this show. Paige is a great podcaster, does incredible research and puts her whole heart into every episode. It’s so good I joined the Patreon as well. Subscribe to this show, you won’t be disappointed. Corey

Wtcc Podcast Review

Paige is incredible. She absolutely kills it (pun very much intended). I thoroughly enjoy listening to her cases and it doesn’t get boring. She is phenomenal on and off air. Five stars all the way!!!


From the first episode I listened I knew this podcast was going to be good. Paige gives so much detail and includes the darkest of info. However, Paige does a great job providing those details in way that it can be heard. Great true crime podcast Cindy WDST


Finally a podcast that brings ZERO political opinions or soapbox speeches into the episodes. Paige, you’re great! Keep it up! :) -Maunalee (host of Cherishing Childhood: The Low-Tech Parenting Podcast)

Brand New To The Show

Love it! Just a girl with a dope accent talking about terrible stuff! What could be better! Can’t wait to binge! Jimmie- The BFA Show!

Don't turn the Paige

Paige is great. She takes such care when exploring these cases. This show is great from the beginning to the end. Thank you for the content that you put out! Keep up the hard work

A very special crime pod

I’ve been a consumer of crime (and political) pods for so many years now and I’m just now getting around to leaving reviews for all of them. I figured I’d begin with Reverie because i recently discovered and binged it. The good: PAIGE! It’s been really fun to watch Paige grow in her podcasting r…

Not afraid of a challenge

Paige is a passionate storyteller who does her research, and she's also absolutely not intimidated by challenging subjects. She covers cases on Reverie True Crime that many other TC podcasts don't because of how painful they can be to discuss, and she does it well. That's no small feat. Her empathy…

Not your average true crime pod

Paige covers hard-to-discuss topics with incredible empathy and storytelling. It's a refreshing take and I'm always looking forward to new episodes dropping. - Boozed and Confused Carolanne

A Tough Topic Very Well Covered

I started with episode 69 which involved a child murder. A very tough topic to cover. Paige does an amazing job presenting the facts. Would listen to more for sure! - Game For A Movie

True Crime At It’s Best!

Love this show! Paige has a voice that is soothing and empathetic when talking about the crimes she covers! Thoroughly hooked on this podcast! A must listen for all true crime fans!

Best Voice In Podcasting!

Paige’s voice is phenomenal, I love listening to her voice and her case research is literally on point. She is empathetic to the victims and kind when tackling the subject matter of each of her episodes. I’m a huge fan and can’t get enough of Reverie Podcast!

Reverie in this podcast!

I don't listen to a ton of true crime podcasts but this one is awesome. Paige really knows what they're talking about and it's a pleasure to listen to!

Amazing host!

One thing I really appreciate about Paige is the obvious respect she has for the victims of the stories she's telling. Her research is extremely in depth and wonderfully delivered. Also her voice sounds like a sip of whiskey by a warm fire on a cool night; it's comforting and wonderful and pulls …


I love this podcast. I love the depth of the research.

Awesome Job Paige!

Really love how soothing Paige's voice is. It really keeps you involved in the story and is very respectful of the the victims and cases she covers. Would highly recommend!

Love and Paige ✊🏻💜

Love the lil southern twang of the hosts voice. With each episode you can hear the time and love that has gone into it. Love and gays ✊🏻💜 ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 CJ

Killer show!

Paige is such a great host and has a wonderfully interesting show on her hands. The topics are always interesting and she gives the listener plenty of background info to instantly feel up to date on whatever topic she’s covering. Keep up the great work Paige! Dillon @ FtM

Such a sweet voice

Paige has such a soothing voice, when I’m upset and just want to disappear in a true crime case this podcast is where I go. She is detailed and delicate with her storytelling. This is a go to podcast!


Great content well researched and the delivery is amazing. Just the right amount of personality to understand her sympathy for the victims and disdain for the culprits.


Paige is a fantastic researcher and storyteller! And her voice is wonderful! 🥰

The Gold Standard

Paige is the ultimate true crime podcaster. She's compassionate, well-researched, and just the right amount of sassy. The respect she gives the victims is immense, and it is clear that she truly cares about telling their stories in the best way possible. Every episode is a must-listen! -You Should …


A friend turned me onto this pod and I’m so happy to add it to my true crime playlist. Highly recommend!

Amazing Insight

Paige has a great show. She has the perfect voice for this kind of podcast, sweet and matter how horrific the story, her voice holds you against the worst of the atrocities. She is the one of the few True Crime podcasts my 11 year old daughter listens to. I simply cannot say e…

Everything I ever wanted

It’s clear how far this host has come in her production and writing. I’m so glad to have found this show! It’s the perfect length, she has a variety of topics, and it’s clear she’s done her research!

Great Content. Perfect Length

Paige has a delightful voice and great content; she obviously does deep research on her topics; and the episodes are in perfect bite-size length. She doesn’t go on and on with tangents or anything boring. Easy subscribe!

Reverie is a Dream

Listening to Paige narrate each episode is pure joy. Her voice, her cadence, her accent is like eating pizza hot out of the oven. Just so satisfying. Not to mention, each case is carefully crafted from the subject, research and writing on down to the music. Reverie is one of the few podcasts I supp…

Critical Ave Approves!!!

Just pure awesomeness the way this podcast is constructed is just pure good quality keep on with the good work that you do 😁

True Crime Done Right :)

The story of Emmett Till was tragic and extremely captivating. Paige brings you into the story and you feel like you are sitting front seat in the news room or in a comfy chair listening to the amazing narrative. I saw every detail, felt several emotions throughout the whole story, and ended the …

Bloody babbler Nicole

You are fantastic. So easy to follow and leaving us ready for the next story. Keep it going!!!


You do such an excellent job! I love the way your episodes are flow. Can’t wait to go back and listen to ALL of your older episodes. I also hope that Leigh Occhi’s family receives answers, SOON!

One of my "go-to" podcasts

This one is in my library and a go-to when I travel. Lots of quality research backed by well executed delivery! David

Fantastic podcast

I am a podcaster myself. So I love when I come across podcasts that are as good or better than mine. A great story telling with great stories.

Great Podcast

This is a fantastic and well researched podcast! The host Paige does an excellent job and is respectful to all the subjects discussed.

It Would Be A True Crime If You Didnt Listen

Paige does her homework on each episode to help you go through and understand each crime without needing images. Beyond the theme of the podcast, she interviews survivors so you get their side of the story and understand the horrors they experienced.

So Well Researched!

I. Love. This. Podcast. So muuuuuch. Paige is informative and every time I put on an episode (even if it's about a case I know of) I learn something! The episodes that she interviews survivors are INCREDIBLE. Y'all have to listen to this if you love true crime!

Highly Recommend

Not only does Paige do the research, Reverie contains interesting details often left out of the stories she tells. The interview eps are always great, too. Reverie is among the reasons independent podcasts are much more interesting than mainstream, money-backed media stuff.

Take a listen!

great podcast with solid content. Paige keeps you engaged from start to finish with well researched stories and an easy to follow conversation. Check it out & hear what you've been missing! - #ODPH

One of the best

This is one of the best true crime podcast I’ve listened to. Well researched, wonderful story telling, and easy to listen to. Definitely give this show a listen it’s great.

Fantastic podcast!

Paige clearly does her research and picks fascinating stories. The podcast is well produced and her voice is a pleasure to listen to. Highly recommend!

It feels strange to say “Love” lol

It feels strange to say I LOVE this because of the content but anyone that’s here knows what I mean lol. I absolutely love this podcast and I love your voice and how you deliver the information , I will be binging this ASAP keep it up ✌🏼❣️

I want moreeee episodes!

Been listening to a couple episodes and absolutely love this podcast. Cant wait for more!


This is an amazing podcast! Paige has great guests and really does her homework with the research she puts into the cases she covers. I’ve been binging this podcast!


Paige is brilliant. The way she tells her stories is amazing. She gets the most captivating guests and all of her cases are incredibly well researched. Ashley- A Teacher and a Crime Scene Tech Walk into a Bar


Paige is brilliant in Reverie True Crime. She captives her audience with each story she tells. No one who enjoys true crime should be missing out on this amazing podcast.

Great show and host

Fantastic show and wonderful host

Well-researched and engaging true crime

If you’re a fan of true crime podcasts you need to give this one a shot! The host spends untold hours diving deeply into the story she tells and interviews parties involved when possible. This thorough approach yields a show that is informative and enjoyable, subscribe now!

Informative and Interesting

Paige is able to find some interesting stories and communicates them in an effective style. Podcast is straight forward and focuses on the information without a lot of distraction. Good Podcast, highly recommend.

Fun and Compelling Show

Paige is awesome! Love her approach to true crime. Definitely an entertaining listen.

Definitely a keeper!

There are a lot of podcasts about true crime but I appreciate the host touching on subjects and actually interviewing people that are involved with the stories. Great podcast!

Found this podcast just in time for stay-in-place

I love her accent and the topics she covers. Some of the topics are more popular and the episodes are long, but her coverage and flow of narrating the story keeps me engaged from beginning to end. I just started and I have so many more episodes to go through! Thank goodness I have some time to kill…

Great show

Keep up the awesome work!

Well-Researched, Respectful, & Riveting

If you’re looking for a true crime podcast that is well researched & gives you all the facts with no filler, look no further, you’ve found it. Paige delivers in every single episode

Great stuff!

This is a great listen. Paige has an excellent delivery -- she's able to draw you in.

Love Murder Podcasts

I love murder podcasts and this one is well done with stories I actually haven’t heard before! Definitely worth a sub!

True crime at its finest

Paige does a perfect job spinning some amazing stories from true crime to just eerie stories. They are always great and you can tell that people love it by the way they talk so fondly about it. Highly suggest and you might find yourself not able to fall asleep because of some of these bone chilling…

Very well research and the topics are interesting

I really enjoy the calming demeanor of this podcast. even though the topics are true crime and can get pretty dark it never feels grim and unsettling 5/5

Just amazing.

I cannot give Paige enough praise. Not only does she do her homework, she truly seems to have a passion for the subject matter. She's so easy to listen to since she's got that gorgeous southern drawl. And no...I'm not being sarcastic. I've only listened to three episodes so far, because I'm not…

If you live true crime...

Paige researches her subjects thoroughly and delivers the stories with the grace and reverence the victims deserve. Look forward to every episode.

So good!!

I love the variety of stories and how the host unravels each of them and takes us on a ride into each crime story. Well done!

A True Crime Fans Must!

Well researched and very interesting topics! This young lady has put a lot of work into this show and it shows. It deserves to be heard! Stories will chill you, piss you off and make you think. Well done and keep up the great work, we will be listening!

Sketti and butter

Yes. Very south. Good southern.

A New Favorite

Great research, great delivery. Paige's accent makes me homesick for the south. Usually, I start with the most recent episodes, but I jumped back to her covering Elisa Lam because it is such a strange story. I look forward to more and more and YOU go listen and then YOU can look for…


If you want to listen to some good True Crime stories make sure you tune in to this podcast with Paige. She does an awesome research for her episodes she makes it very easy to listen to and keeps you hook. BIG SHOUTOUT TO PAIGE PLEASE STAY SAFE AND STAY HEALTHY ✌🏽 -LIVE WITH BIG BRUH- 

Great topic

Reverie True Crime does such a great job choosing topics. One day it’s serial killers and another day its cults. Paige takes every topic seriously and produces an episode that tell the whole story. Even when I have heard other podcasters cover the case I learn something new listening to Reverie.


I came for the true crime stories, I stayed because of the captivating southern accent (and also the true crime stories)! For any true crime junkie, this podcast is an absolute necessity.

Mystery & Suspense

Paige does an amazing job at not only covering past stories that we have all become familiar with when it comes to true crime; but also dives into current cases. The research and knowledge that she puts together for her shows is appreciated. Her tone draws you into the story and sets the scene for …

A Vortex of AWESOME

Want to learn how to Podcast in True Crime? Then listen up here. Paige is smart, sensitive, insightful and sassy, like every good southern woman should be. Killer research, great writing and presentation. This podcast is one of the best in the genre. Love & Rage, Ariel

Interesting stories

Paige does such a great job of researching into all the true crime stories that makes this podcast so interesting. Her voice is so soothing too! Love this one!

Great host and very interesting choices of true crime topics!

Host has done a phenomenal job putting time into the research and developing the story for a very emotional topics, and great cases might I add. This one is going on the list of go to true crime pods. Great job!

Grab Your Sweet Tea

I love Paige's accent, and I think it makes this show even better. Her episodes are well researched, interesting, and a great mix between recent cases and older ones that haven't received as much play on other podcasts within the true crime genre. This is one podcast you'll want to have on your lis…

Well researched...stories grab you!

You can tell a lot of research and thought goes into even the bonus episodes. The stories are very interesting. Great true crime podcast!

Great podcast!

You can tell a LOT of time and effort goes into the research! Really entertaining and fun to listen to!

Such a good show!

Paige does a great job with her stories - she puts in the time, does her research, and talks about cases that aren’t always as well known, which makes the show all the more interesting! Check it out today - you won’t be disappointed!


Paige has done an amazing job retelling these events! You can tell she has done all her research!! Amazing show, great content and awesome host!! Plus she gives off good spooky vibes!! ❤️❤️

Wide Range

Paige covers a wide range of stories from the very well known to some truly wild and out there crimes. This is definitely a show that any true crime lover will enjoy. I highly recommend giving this a listen

Great show!

Paige does great work! Love the quality, content and you can tell she does the research. Highly recommended. Keep up the great work! 🍻

Jeff Needs Help approved

Another great show.

Love it!

Very interesting, well researched topics. Great work!

Interesting topics!

Well researched, in-depth podcast with creepy yet very interesting topics! I was especially curious about the Lake Lanier episode, as it was some place I've heard of before but wanted to learn more about. Did not disappoint :)


The episodes are very informative and interesting! I love how it is delivered. Just amazing. Keep up the good work, Paige!

Worthy of your rotation

Every few months, my tastes change and I look for shows that are different. I think Paige will be "locked" into my rotation because I love her voice and she seems to really care about these victims. Keep up the great work!

Well done!

Do yourself a favor and subscribe to this podcast! I just love the hosts accent, accents are my favorite and hers is amazing. This podcast sounds great and does their research and does such a good job of summarizing large crimes. Also very respectful to the victims which I appreciate. Great job!!…

Awesome podcast

Such a great show. From the intro to the details, and to the delivery of the content. True crime done extremely right. Keep it up!

So easy to listen to

Paige is great at dramatic storytelling, and I will forever be jealous of her mellifluous accent. Her voice is incredible easy to listen to, even when she delves into uncomfortable details of a case. I appreciate the pacing of Reverie and the care Paige takes to break down big cases into manageable…

Great podcast!

Paige is a great storyteller and is really easy to listen to. I love how she covers lesser known cases that other podcasts don’t! 10/10 give her a listen! -Coffee wine and true crime podcast

Her voice is so cute, I'm coming back!!

Her voice is warm and friendly to start even before she started into the episode. The episode 35 years and 100+ women hooked me from the title alone. Very good storytelling. You can tell Paige works hard to make this show a success. Passion. Well done.

I love it!

Paige has the most amazing voice - perfect for podcasting! I love that she covers a variety of cases - some well-known, some lesser-known. You can tell how much time and research goes into each episode and I can’t recommend this podcast enough.


Paige has such a soothing and great voice to listen to and this podcast is so great!! Love all the true crime stories! Definitely has a long time listener in us! -twogirls-Katie and Jen

Fun podcast!

I love this podcast! It covers many lesser known/unknown true crime cases and the Kuhn Hospital one is my fave so far! Paige does a wonderful job of jumping right in and telling a great story while adding a little humor to lighten the heaviness. This should be added to your rotation today!! -HoaH …