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Horror to my ears… In a good way!

This group of friends know their stuff! I love how synchronized they are and the way the blend together effortlessly. I found this podcast through Homies of Horror where I met the gorgeous Ash! Keep this going! Love you guys.

Diamond in the rough that needs work

Good, and sometimes great, horror movie podcast hosted by three diverse and likable personalities. Love the intersectionality of blackness and queerness on the show, and the Pride Month episodes are my favorites (especially Knife+Heart and Midnight Kiss). But my biggest gripe with the show is that …

Awesome Horror Pod

I'm loving this podcast. It feels like you're listening to friends talk all horror and you have such a good time. The hosts are super likeable and relatable and you'll have a great time with this podcast. So much fun.

We love to see it!

I’m so glad that I was told to check out this podcast. It’s super informative and fun as hell. I also love that the hosts are in the urea!

Relevant Commentary

First time listener. I stumbled upon the Halloween Kills delay episode and was instantly hooked because of how relevant the content actually is to me. They stuck to the topic, made some jokes, there were some good laughs, but overall it kept me engaged due to the content. No click bait here. Subscr…

Can’t wait to hear more

Love the energy! Newcomer but all in now