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5 stars

So glad you got her into horror. The best genre ever. Great show y’all. 5 stars


Great show you two. Keep it up!

absolutely phenomenal!

you guys are the best, and you never fail to make me laugh! i can tell how much you guys love each other, and that’s my favorite part of the whole podcast! 💗💗💗 i don’t know if you take requests, but i think it’d be the bees knees if you did a classic horror flick, like psycho or baby jane! keep being awesome and making awesome things!

Love them

One of the first podcasts I started listening to. Without them, I may not have started The Blood Buddies!

Fantastic podcast

Such a great idea! Love the dynamic between Liz and Josh and really appreciate the variety of horror movies on display within the episodes. Really fun!


I love this podcast! It’s so nice to hear what somebody else thinks of these movies for the first time paired with someone who loves them!

Great show for horror fans

Love Josh and Liz! Their show is super fun to listen to and a great addition to any horror fans listening library. Check them out!! 🐰🐰

Ridiculous Fun

I stumbled on this about a week ago and haven’t stopped listening. They do deep dives on some well known and lesser known movies. While they do get into the movies it’s never dull. Their banter is amazing and there have been some moments I had to rewind cause I could t stop laughing with them. If you like horror movies, funny banter or both then I can not recommend this enough

Bloody Good Time

Bloody Date Night sets itself apart from other film shows by being laidback, entertaining, and enjoyable for all fans of horror, casuals to more passionate. The humor overlays the entire process with the hosts relationship and differing opinions on horror movies. Give them a listen and subscribe!

Love this!

You guys are great! Started with the Sleepaway Camp episode! Brought here very randomly through snarks and so glad I found this podcast! :) Thanks Guys!!

Horror Movies Meet Horror Podcast!

I LOVE Horror. Movies, books, and now podcasts. Lis and Josh cover a horror movie every episode, and honestly, I wish I'd had this idea first! My first listen was to the epi on Halloween 5 and it was hilarious! From the imagining of a Hawaiian Halloween to the imagery of Michael Meyers eating soup with his knife as a spoon! This is definitely being added to my normal rotation.

A bloody good time!

These hosts certainly make horror movies appealing even to those who don’t overly love horror movies! I like Liz and Josh’s great rapport and enthusiasm for everything they discuss. Definitely check this one out!

So Much Fun!!!

I hate horror I was super excited to find this podcast!!! The fact that I don’t have to watch the scary movie but still get to hear what happens...all while being entertained with Liz and Josh’s hilarious banter...makes Bloody Date Night one of my favorite podcasts!!!

Great listening!

Awesome hosts who have great banter! I actually like both "the man" and Liz. ;) Loved The Hereditary episode. Keep up the awesome work! Can't wait to hear more!

Absolutely love this podcast!

Hilarious and such a great, original concept for a movie podcast. One of my absolute faves.

Horror & humor

You guys are hilarious & I love the play by plays with the banter in your reviews. Keep up the great work!

Bloody hilarious!

Best way to relive your favorite horror movies! Liz and Josh are relateable, funny, and have great chemistry. Don't stab yourself in the back - listen to Bloody Date Night ASAP!

The couple that scares together stays together

This is the kind of couple that you just want to get together and play games or watch movies with. Their banter is very natural and easy to listen to. Interesting hearing the different perspectives on Horror new and old. Listen now!

What an awesome/fun podcast!

Liz and Josh are great hosts! They are incredible at bouncing off each other to review the movie they are reviewing. They are both so funny and makes for a very entertaining cast! Keep it up, I can’t get enough bloody date night!

Great hook for an entertaining podcast

Liz doesn't particularly like horror movies. Josh is a horror fan. The perspectives each of them bring to the films they watch is sometimes synergetic and sometimes polar, but always entertaining. Also, they have a bunny named Wednesday and that just makes everything better.

Great for non-Horror fans too!!

Like co-host Liz the horror genre is not really my thing and there a very few times when I listen to an episode having already seen the film being discussed. None of this matters though when it come to my love for this podcast. Josh and Liz’s dynamic and banter is so entertaining and their thoughts on horror are pretty darn insightful. This podcast may even be turning me into a horror fan.

They don’t seem to understand...

I have just started the podcast, and I’m working my way through the backlog, and they don’t seem to understand or even realize subtext in film. The most recent example was them completely missing that the mother in the babadook was the monster. They would say things like “why does she have ink on her hands?” Or “why was there glass in the kids oatmeal?” Or how could she know blank about the monster” Without realizing that the mom wrote the book, and put the glass in the oatmeal. This happens anytime films leave anything vague, and it’s super frustrating. But they are charming otherwise. It just seems they never learned to watch films discerningly, and are only in it for the ride.

We must be long lost friends

These two Crack me up! They have a similar commentary to what my friend and I banter about when it comes to horror movies (Disco horror is essentially what Prom night is) and their chemistry (for obvious reasons) makes for great flow. Definitely take a listen if you enjoy films in general, even if you're not a horror movie fan their commentary alone will have you laughing.

So funny!

This is a riot! I really don’t usually laugh this much at most shows, this was a treat to listen to

Love this show!

Josh and Liz have such a great dynamic together which makes this show so entertaining! The both of them have so much fun and it really shines throughout the episodes. I can't wait to hear more!

Adorable horror - adhorrable?

Classic horror movies and comedy go so well together. It’s just a natural fit. Much like Liz and Josh. Their banter is witty and fun and this podcast is just generally a good time. Check it out.

I love it

They have a great chemistry and are clearly laving a lot of fun

Such a great time!

Stumbled across this show on accident, and it is the movie podcast that I didn’t know I was looking for. They’re totally having fun and I absolutely love it! Keep the episodes coming~

I’m so jelly!

What a great concept! I wish I had thought of this show. Liz and Josh are a fun pair. They make me laugh and I love these movies. Outstanding!

Super Fun!

Really fun stuff!

Along for a Good Conversation

The chemistry between these two hosts is really good - not surprisingly, considering their relationship. I subscribe to several movie review podcasts (and several are horror movie-centered) and this one is unique. I'd recommend giving it a listen - I bet you'll start marking [Bloody] Date Night on your calendar.


Great show and great hosts. I really enjoyed this show, nice work!


If I had to be stuck on a desert island with no one to talk scary movies to but Liz & Josh, I think I'd be cool. They're both very funny, engaging & personable. They pick good movies to discuss. You should definitely listen to their awesome podcast. TWO THUMBS UP!

The funniest horror show

These two have great chemistry. They banter and riff hardcore on movies I love, and take seriously, but you just can't help but laugh. Check it out!


Really love the premise of this show, and the hosts have great charisma

Great horror fun!!!

We love the concept and you guys are pretty funny . We also like the way you add a personal touch to it. Like we are sitting drinking beer with u guys talking about horror movies! -Dgdtrpodcast

Great concept, well-executed

Josh and Liz pull off that rare trick of delivering a brilliant concept, well-executed. The setup is clever, the movies are great, the two of them have great chemistry, and each episode strikes a great balance between silly side tangents and actualy diving into the meat of the movie under discussion. I love getting to hear Liz's impressions as a first-time viewer of these movies which Josh obviously loves so much.

Love you guys

You guys make me crack up. Liz thinking Freddy is alive made me laugh so hard. Please keep it up!

Cracked me up

Josh and Liz are really funny, with great banter. I didn’t expect to laugh aloud going into this, but about halfway through I just LOST it. I only recently started watching “classic” horror films (by myself at home), and have a habit of obsessively googling the films afterward to get other people’s perspectives on what I just saw. Capping the film experience with a listen to the appropriate Bloody Date Night episode would be much more satisfying. So keep it up, y’all. (Definitely watch the films in question before listening to this podcast, because you won’t get too much out of it otherwise.)