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Good fun!

Absolutely satiates my need to breakdown and discuss movies. I love horror and apocalyptic cinematic entertainment and the banter between Tom and Michelle is really relatable and fun!

Apocalypse WOW!

I love Tom and Michelle both so much! Aside from that, this podcast rules. Games, jokes, and…wait for it…FUN?!?!? I love this pod and everything about it. Movie and comedy fans alike will quake with laughter! Pee may come out. Be forewarned. Also, make sure to rate, review, and subscribe or you will be sad you didn’t!!!!!! 😢

Michelle the people here you

Michelle is pretty cool. Tom is great also. But Michelle says she needs the praise, so I'm writing this review. This podcast is always a blast, even when I'm not guesting on the show. If you like apocalypse movies, listen to this show. And then you can also tell Michelle how cool she is. Love, Rod from The Murder Moose podcast


Tom and Michelle kill it week after week! They play so well off of each other and make a phenomenal team! Their show tackles moveis from the apocalypse genre. Some are scary. Some are funny. Some are just plain weird. And they do it all with an amazing sense of humor. They take you along for the movie experience then bring it home with games that will keep you laughing. 10/10 would recommend this show to all of my friends

Incredibly Engaging + Excellent Hosts!

I absolutely love this podcast! Michelle and Tom are wonderful hosts who share their passion in every episode. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to this amazing podcast!!!


The chemistry between Tom and Michelle is out of this world. Such a fun listen! -Tommy Heels and Quads Wrestling Podcast

Love this!

Really enjoy listening and getting to pick which movies to watch ! It’s like a roulette game for us!

I’m a wanna be survivalist lol

My GOD,. I love this pod. You guys have great chemistry an I love the flow of the podcast, we agree on a lot of things. It just reminds me of conversations I’ve had with my friends and family. Lol trust me I have my “bug out bag” set up. Lol can’t wait to binge listen lol . ✌🏼❣️🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

So fun!

Listened to the Re-Animator episode--Gold! I haven't seen the movie before but the hosts' have an amazing ability to walk through the movie--not only is it easy to follow along, it's super funny too! Check it out! -They're Terrified & Tipsy Podcast

Surprisingly made me want to watch a zombie movie!

Super likable couple/hosts, and I was surprised how much I enjoyed the interview with Kyle Hester, who I didn’t recognize, but I really thought he was also such an entertaining and likable guest. I was surprised to find I now wanted to watch the movie Zombie with a Shotgun. I don’t watch many zombie movies because I can’t stomach the gore, but that’s how much I liked these hosts and the guests. I will be tuning in more for sure!

One of the absolute best

When you talk about “Apocalypse in Review” you’re talking about the best in the industry. Listen to it but, more importantly, be about it.


I just got done listening to the 2012 episode and I am hooked to this podcast and it is an instant subscribe from me. Tom and Michelle are great hosts and keep your pretty entertained. My favorite segment is when they recap the movie. Hilarious! You must listen.

Try Not to Die Laughing

Michelle and Tom are a hysterical couple. One of my favorite parts of their show is when they give eulogies for some of the characters that died during the film - it’s amazing. If you like in depth and inappropriate movie reviews and a good laugh, give Apocalypse in Review a listen - before the end times that is.


Just listened to their episode on World War Z. Love the concept of the show and the hosts are hilarious…definitely check them out!

MUST listen

The hosts hook you from the jump with their seamless witty banter. You don’t even have to have seen the movies discussed to be fully engaged. I can’t say enough about this podcast. Keep it coming y’all. ❤️✊🏻 Love & Rage, Ariel


Funny podcast covering one of my favorite topics... doomsday movies. Tom and Michelle will have you laughing out loud in the office. I've only listened to the Shawn of the Dead episode but I can't wait to binge the rest of them

Fun reviews

It’s the end of the world as we know it but I feel fine. Listening to this podcast is fun. The hosts are relatable. I like how they play a game similar to the movie they review. It’s interesting to hear what they would do in this situations. Excellent!

The world is ending

So why not listen to these folks review movies about the end of the world? It will make you more balanced when the two fates intersect. Good sound quality!

Dig it

Started with the episode on I, Robot and this pod made me really want to rewatch the movie! Michelle and Tom do a great job at breaking down the movie, and they’re hilarious and make a great team. Looking forward to listening to more episodes...and rewatching some old apocalyptic movies! 😈

I love Michelle and Tom

This is such a fun husband and wife duo! They are so cute! I love that they talk about end of the world apocalyptic movies! It feels like that you are listening to your buddies talk to your about movies! I kept laughing at the two of them just having fun with each other. Plus they covered Train to Busan which is great! Definitely give them a listen

Lots of fun!

Cracks me up. I love the recap then analysis of the great and not so great (read:stupid) moments in the movie. Fun!

A great movie review podcast that everyone can understand.

If you’re looking for good movie reviews mostly about the apocalypse. But told by people who put it in to terms you can actually understand. This is podcast is for you. Good quality and a great listen. I highly suggest this movie to anyone who loves film and some humor while you’re at it.

So fun!

Listened to a couple of episodes and I love the hosts! So fun to listen to. And love the movies they talk about - also amazing cover art :)

A breath of fresh AIR!

While the movie review podcast genre is massive, this podcast has made a refreshing move and pushed itself into a specific category for the benefit of their listeners... at the same time, it’s such a light hearted and fun approach to apocalyptic scenarios, any movie lover would enjoy their fresh takes. Keep up the great work!

A light-hearted take on the apocalypse

I love the concept of focusing the reviews on apocalyptic movies because it’s just such a cool genre. Michelle and Tom are so funny and relatable that even if you don’t remember the movie very well, you can still enjoy the episode. Each episode is organized into fun little sections. I think my personal favorite is the way they incorporate their actual reactions while watching the films into the episode in snippets. Definitely check out this podcast!

Ride It Out

Apocalypse in Review does what few movie podcasts do, it has a narrowed focus. While the subject matter is apocalyptic (wink), the hosts keep the movie discussions laid back while presenting interesting takes on the cinematic wasteland. Give them a listen and subscribe now!


Oh my gosh, these 2 had me cracking up! They do an extremely thorough job of walking the listener through each movie and their review of the production, and they do it all with such humor!

Laughed Right Away

I don’t know. Something about them. I’m just floating around Apple Podcasts and came across this one. Laughed within 10 seconds. Subscribed

Excellent podcast

Love the way live reactions are edited in, and conversation flows naturally. Fun hosts fun movies fun guests and games!


So much fun. I normally only listen to true crime but this show is a great break! Loving it! I love apocalyptic shows with Z Nation being my fave! Thanks for being here! C.J. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜


This podcast is pretty fun and funny! It’s definitely a must listen to when you’re around the house or driving. The hosts work well together.

Funny and timely!

This is really funny. The movies covered are very appropriate for our COVID-19 time. Such a welcome break and relief from “reality.”

10/10 Would Recommend!

My husband and I are huge fans of apocalyptic movies which is why we thoroughly enjoy this podcast. It gives us insightful synopsis of the films. Also, helps when I’m doing my makeup, and I can’t actually watch a movie itself. 10/10!

Easy listing, fun & a great reminder of the classics.

My wife and I love thriller/suspense movies so when I came across this it was a must to take a listen. I’ve listened to two of the four episodes they have out so far. It is definitely a fun one and easy listing, something I can put on wile I cook breakfast Saturday mornings. The best part is getting reminded of a flick you haven’t seen in a wile.

Super fun

A fun and entertaining distraction from the dumpster fire that is the world right now